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“Awakening combines the adventurous harmonies of Steely Dan with the smooth-jazz silkiness of Al Jarreau into a compelling groove that pushes the boundaries of adult-contemporary radio.” ©2003 Joe Lalaina

SPYRO GYRA'S - Julio Fernandez

“Awakening features great production, good material, and inspired playing - I love it!”

SPYRO GYRA'S - Joel Rosenblatt

“There are some great performances on Awakening, an enjoyable listen for sure! Paul really seems to have a knack for putting the right combination of players together!! I look forward to the next recording!!”

(David Crosby, James Raymond)

“Awakening is a wonderful combination of lyrical and melodic compositions featuring a plethora of New York’s finest players. A must for any jazz and pop enthusiast.”



“Paul’s performance was just perfect, exactly what was needed to introduce this diverse audience to something that they could enjoy and discover.” ©2002 Yves Renard - Director

St. Lucia Jazz Festival

“Paul Peress brought the curtain down with his diverse group of musicians from South America and the US and his funky, jazzy, multi-cultural sounds. Peress' expert drumming skills did not go unnoticed and received resounding applause from the crowd.” By Eliza Francis ©2002

Gusti Calis - Artistic Director

"You guys - in my taste - are the best band that's ever played in the 14 years of the Kaslo Jazz Festival. You guys were stellar! The interaction between you, the connection with the audience, was all just amazing." ©2004

ABE LABORIEL - Legendary Bassist
(Paul Simon, Michael Jackson, George Benson,
Michael McDonald, Barry Manilow, Al Jarreau)

"The first time Paul Peress and I played together, we had an incredible musical connection - something really magical was happening! It felt like we had been playing together for years. I will remember that night for the rest of my life. There aren't many drummers who care about the music at the level that Paul does." ©2005

Owner - Manhattan Beach, NYC

“I’ve recorded great drummers like Bernard Purdie and Steve Gadd, and Paul brings a similar level of dedication to his craft, and a sound of his own to this studio. Paul is a great drummer.”

Mary Dee Dodge - Director

“What a fabulous success and one of those rare high moments in life to be treasured!!!” ©2000


PAUL PERESS, The New Master of the Groove

Awakening CD cover"First impressions can sometimes be deceiving, but first listens are never wrong. When initially discovering this hidden gem of an album I thought: Latin/Brazilian grooves - could be interesting. But then when I read that the artist was the drummer I feared that it would be a cacophony of noise and the music would be lost. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! Paul Peress is not only a masterful composer and producer, but he is also a GROOVEMASTER in the highest order. From the opening notes of 'Norwegian Wood' I realized that this was a very special album. Gabriela Anders' vocals are a 20 on a scale of 10, and Mark Whitfield always brings something intriguing on guitar (as does Jeff Golub on his tracks!), but the thing that hooked me from the start was Paul's disciplined music-making as a drummer. Throughout the entire disk Paul masterfully drives each tune, tastefully, thoughtfully and lyrically, without overpowering any of the other musicians. It's not until tracks 5 'Visions of Brazil' and 7 'Mambo Mio' that he steps it up a notch to show some of the virtuosity that has made him a regular show-stopper at many of the Latin Jazz festivals and in demand on the New York City Jazz circuit. LISTEN TO THE ALBUM and get transported to a magical, Brazilian sort of musicians' 'Margaritaville' where along with the heavenly bodies, good libations and perfect weather you are also enveloped by musical virtuosity at every turn. Paul's song selection for this disk includes some original compositions intertwined with some classics. His interpretations are tasteful, grooving, and especially in the case of 'Norwegian Wood' incredibly exciting. Through some research I learned that this album was in the hunt for several Grammy Awards this year. Though it didn't make the final cut, it should be on your CD player's 'A List' for many years to come (or at least until Paul releases his next disk!). Whether at home, driving, at work or a romantic interlude, this album fits perfectly into any environment..."
Reviewer: jeff millar-sax, contributing writer MUSIC INC.


Then Again CD cover"THEN AGAIN", Paul Peress - Esta baterista radicado en Nueva York lanza al mercado un CD sólido y de muy buen gusto. Gran parte del éxito de este trabajo radica en los músicos que acompañan a Peress, todos sumamente acoplados y haciendo que la música brille. Helio Alves se destaca en el piano, y también es de resaltar el acoplamiento entre Peress y el bajista Lincoln Goines. Los temas seleccionados hacen justicia a este grupo de músicos envidiables, destacando "Nothing Personal" de Don Grolnick, "Dolphin Dance" y "Maiden Voyage" de Herbie Hancock, "Afro Blue" de Mongo Santamaría. Peress demuestra muy buen gusto y profesionalismo, tanto en su ejecución como en su selección de músicos y temas.


THEN AGAIN - A Powerful CD

"THEN AGAIN", Paul Peress - New York drummer Paul Peress has released a solid and very enjoyable CD. Contributing greatly to the success of this work are the musicians who accompany Peress - all are extremely connected with each other and as a result, the music shines. Helio Alves stands out on the piano, and also emphasizes the strong connection between Peress and bassist Lincoln Goines. The selection of tunes also brings justice to this group of enviable musicians, particularly on Don Grolnick's "Nothing Personal", Herbie Hancock's "Dolphin Dance" and "Maiden Voyage", and Mongo Santamaria's " Afro Blue". Peress demonstrates excellent taste and professionalism, as much in his performance as in his selection of musicians and compositions.
Reviewer: Rodrigo O. Sanchez, music editor Musico Pro ©2005

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